Guest Profile

John G. Sutton

John Sutton is the resident Psychic-Clairvoyant of and has written many books on paranormal and supernatural subjects. Among his best selling titles is the Bloomsbury UK and SCHOLASTIC USA published book PSYCHIC PETS. John has had thousands of psychic experiences since early childhood and you can read about these on this website under John's Psychic World. He is currently the feature editor of the UK's monthly journal of Spiritualism "Psychic World" newspaper and John has been writing a column for this publication for over twenty two years.

John G. Sutton has been featured many times on network UK and USA television/radio programs with appearances on "THIS MORNING" ITV UK with Richard and Judy, on Walt Disney's Animal Planet channel USA worldwide and FOX TV from New York. John is currently hosting a weekly one hour radio show on Transformation Talk Radio titled "John's Psychic World."