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Guest Profile

John Kruth

John G. Kruth is the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center ( and the Founder and Education Director of the Rhine Education Center ( His 20+ years of professional technology experience and 10+ years as a professional researcher provide a unique insight into the integration of technology and parapsychological research. His research includes explorations into subtle energies of the body including psychic healing, the energy behind psychokinesis, poltergeist activity and other unconscious effects on electronic devices, and measurements of biophotons (ultraviolet light) from energy healers.   He has numerous publications and has spoken at professional conferences and other forums regarding scientific parapsychology, the history of the Rhine, the nature of energy healing, poltergeists, and other topics related to parapsychology and the paranormal.

Besides his research, John’s current projects include the development of a community of psi experiencers at the Rhine and worldwide through the use of technology to provide online courses, broadcasts of parapsychology speakers and events, and the development of online resources for scientists and those who are looking for reliable and professional information about scientific parapsychology. 

You can follow John’s work at:
Rhine Research Center on Facebook and YouTube
@RhineESP on Twitter