Guest Profile

John Ossipinsky

After retiring from the New York City Fire Department in 1991, John Ossipinsky and his family, moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 1994 John graduated from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College. He continued his education with the Upledger Institute where he learned the work of three world renowned doctors who use their hands to improve health. John became certified in Lymphedema Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy.

In 2003 John learned about acid-alkaline balance and began studying the relationship of the lymphatic system and acid in the body. His studies showed that many people with health problems are severely acidic, possibly 100 times more acidic than they should be. He realized then that an overly-acidic body could slow or stop all or parts of the lymphatic system a sewage treatment plant for the body. lf your lymphatic system is hindered then cellular waste, proteins, fluid and toxins can accumulate in any part of the body and brain creating an unhealthy cellular environment, a weakened immune system and a breeding ground for disease. John works with clients in person and remotely and is changing the lives of many around the world.