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  04/11/2016      12:00 pm

Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: How Economic Hit Men & Jackals Control Governments Around the World for the Power Elite, the NSA, & the World Bank

Guest Profile

John Perkins

John Perkins

John Perkins was formerly Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm where he advised the World Bank, United Nations, the IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Since then, his books have sold more than 1 million copies. He has lectured at more than 50 universities around the world, and has been featured on almost every major news network and publication around the world.

He is a founder and board member of Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, nonprofits devoted to establishing a world our children will want to inherit.

To contact John Perkins, please go to To learn more about Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, please visit and