Guest Profile

Jonell Steckman

Coming from a family of heart disease and struggling with my weight for 15 years, I never saw an end in sight. Weight Watchers, South Beach, Adkins, even Diet shots, you name it, I tried it. So when I was introduced to The Habits of Health System using the Take Shape For Life 5&1 Plan from a client, I thought, what the heck I'll try yet another diet. With the fear of failing, I keep it to myself for the first 3 weeks, until my husband noticed I was getting smaller. Twenty-four 24 pounds melted off in 10 weeks and found myself with so much more energy. If I could do it anyone could do it was my thought, so I became a Health Coach to help my friends and family. Not only have I learned the Habits of Health to keep the weight off but, I've been able to teach my two young daughters and family how to make healthier choices.

As a Hair Dresser for the past 17 years I've always had a passion for helping people look and feel better, but hair is just a temporary fix. Now I get the help them feel better from the inside out. My career change has taken my life from long tired days to picking my daughters up from school and arranging my life around what matters most.