Guest Profile

Joni Aldrich

Joni Aldrich has been involved with Internet Radio broadcasting with Talk4Media for the past five years. During that time, she has produced 1,000 radio programs with medical professionals, researchers, patients, and support foundations from around the world. Joni has launched eight radio programs: Treatment SOS, Surviving Healthcare Today, Advocacy Heals U, Cancer SOS, Caregiving SOS, The Literate Patient, Diagnosis SOS and Ladies Who Inspire.

Seven of these shows are still being broadcasted internationally through iHeart Radio (90 million subscribers in the U.S. and Australia) and UK Health Radio (Europe and Asia). In addition, live programs are simulcast on three Internet Radio Networks (part of the Talk4Media conglomerate):,, Two of these are featured networks on iTunes.

Advocacy Heals U 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment

The Event: The unthinkable has happened. We all have adversity, but this is different. It’s not a tap on your bumper; this is a head-on collision. The Event can be a diagnosis, med