Guest Profile

Joseph Luciani

Joe Luciani, a practicing clinical psychologist for more than thirty years, has been bringing his message of hope to millions over the years. Hes the internationally best&8208;selling author of the Self&8208;Coaching series of books, published in eight languages. His articles have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Cosmopolitan, O, The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Fitness, Health, Shape, Body and Soul; and USA Today. Joe is a frequent guest on national TV, radio, and on the Internet. In his spare time he hunts dinosaur bones in Wyoming, practices yoga and meditation, and is training to run his fourth New York Marathon. Joe Luciani lives what he teaches a happy and fulfilling life and encourages all of us to connect with the joy of life even if we think something holds us back. Joe and his wife of thirty&8208;eight years live in Cresskill, New Jersey.