Guest Profile

Joyce Leake

Joyce Leake speaks dog, cat, horse and human and other species as well. Interspecies Communication is her passion; talking with animals, building better animal/human relationships because of it and changing the world 'one conversation at a time.'

Her life long love for animals has not only opened her door to interspecies communication, it has opened doors on an international scale as wellan Asian door welcomed her to translate and transform the pet relationship from ownership to parenting as the female career-goal Japanese professional chose 'pet' family versus the traditional role of wife and mother. "The Japanese career woman is making the statement the American women made back in the 70's, it's my turn, but I don't want to give up parenting - they are just rephrasing what that looks like for now."

Since 1994 Joyce has worked as a professional Interspecies Communicator. She is referred to as a Specialist, Author and Speaker in Animal-Human Relationships. She founded Animal University, an online school of holistic practices and WAPA, Wholistic Animal Practitioners Association, a professional group for holistic practitioners and professionals. She fears the loss of an animal and created the Whistle Me Home Prevent Lost Dogs Kit.

Joyce partnered and co-authored with Dr. Vickie Wickhorst, Ph.D. two books: Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication and the WORKBOOK, Communicating with Animals, the Twenty-One Day Guide to Success. She authored the 5 Levels to Interspecies Communication Certificate Program and teaches Interspecies Communication Instructor in Colorado's Front Range Community College, Credentialed Holistic Program.

From 2004 to 2006 Joyce was a regularly scheduled guest in and throughout Japan on a US comparison to Bob Hope, Mr. Shimura's Zoo, a primetime weekly television show where her performances in her field of animal communication spiked the ratings to 16% in Japan's competitive media market prompting an immediate commitment with Nippon TV for a consecutive period of two years. Joyce's popularity prompted her appearance as headliner for the Tokyo Pet Show, where she successfully exceeded all corporate, sponsors and promoters expectations. Her relationship with the Japanese market continues today teaching, mentoring and promoting.

Her story has been featured in national and international magazines. And she is recognized as the Animal Communicator of choice by South Korean pet enthusiasts. Her work includes celebrities of both human and animal kind; from movie stars and musicians to iconic race horses, celebrity dogs and cats and an exceptionally gripping experience, a grieving elephant.

Her desire to raise the bar is consistently illustrated by her commitment to share information using Animal University's comprehensive and progressive 5 -Level Interspecies Communication Certification Program teaching and mentoring the student from lay to professional, in the exploding field of animal-human relationship and communication.

Joyce continues to network with practitioners, authors, presenters and other extraordinary individuals to serve as an exchange and resource of information, practicum and research. For more information on Joyce and her work visit or you may contact her directly where she resides in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA.