Guest Profile

Julia Bowlin

Dr. Bowlin’s long-term dream is to help assist other people shorten their learning curve when it comes to learning to love, honor, and trust themselves. She believes that the most common form of abuse in many cultures is that of self-neglect and in many cases active self-abuse. If through her medical practice, writing, and professional speaking she can assist other people towards a healthier state in their mind, body and spirit towards loving, honoring, and trusting themselves, then she feels that she's fulfilling one of her primary purposes here on this earth.

When Dr. Julia Bowlin is not seeing patients in her rural medical practice, she could be seen hanging out with her physician husband Dr. Rick Bowlin and her children, Josie and Britton. Always the seeker of new information and talents, she enjoys running and exercise, reading and writing, listening to audio books in her car, photography (typically involving an activity of her children) scrap booking, cooking new recipes, and working on new content for self -motivation and Personal Awareness Medicine™. Dr. Bowlin has also been awarded "The Woman of Outstanding Leadership" from the International Women's Leadership Association.