Guest Profile

Julie Oreson Perkins

Since her first trip abroad in 1980 as an exchange student, Julie Oreson Perkins has been engaging in life-changing conversations (in several languages, including the language of energy!) with people all around the world. Today, known as Julie O, she continues her love of travel; facilitating training programs, coaching clients and speaking to groups about bringing more consciousness into the world. Hundreds have benefitted from Julie O’s “conversations of change” as a coach, teacher, motivational speaker, radio show host, international best-selling author, energy worker/healer, breast cancer sur-thriver, Access Consciousness® certified facilitator and shamanic practitioner. These conversations result in a (re)birth of natural, intuitive abilities and zest for life on Planet Earth here and now – plus a greater connection between the Mind, Body and Soul.

She is also known for her highly intuitive and dynamic energetic capacities to work with clients’ bodies. Visit to find out more about Julie O’s coaching packages – to schedule a life coaching or body-based energy session – or to book her for a speaking engagement.