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Julie Vance

Julie Vance

Julie Vance returns from a thirteen-year, on-going adventure in the remote atolls of the Central Pacific Islands of Micronesia, where she and her husband were adopted by the spiritual Elders of a rapidly disappearing, indigenous, wisdom culture, now threatened by global warming.
Licensed counselor, engaging writer, sailor, adventurer and spiritual guide, Julie has over twenty years experience awakening awareness, healing, transformation, and change in her clients through personal and couples counseling, vision questing, womens circles, workshops, traditional dance instruction, and large group trainings. In response to the ever-accelerating environmental changes in the low-lying atolls, and in devotion to the Ancestors of her adopted island home, she is currently writing a series of books to help preserve the essence of this timeless Micronesian Wisdom Way. Combining the voice of the Elders with her own, she weaves ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches, creating a pathway to wholeness that is relevant and timely.
She and her husband, Tom, divide their time between Micronesia, where Tom works with local governments on solutions to critical water shortage and purification problems brought about by global warming, and the Pacific Northwest where Julie counsels individuals, couples and groups, and conducts workshops, bridging the wisdom of the Elders. They visit their hosting villages regularly, inspiring the youth to seek the balance of the old with the new during this time of rapid cultural and climatic change.