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Justice Welling

Justice Welling is a psychic energy healer, as well as a psychic love counselor who has the ability to identify soulmates. She covers many areas of life, however, her specialty is relationship and reconnecting people to their soulmates. She taps into the source of energy that needs to be released in order to reach fulfillment in this lifetime. With fifteen years of experience, Justice has assisted her clients in discovering their heart Chakra In order to achieve the highest level of divine love, purpose, and intimacy.

With seven years of study at Delphi University of spiritual studies, Justice has expanded her gifts and abilities. She combines Eastern and Western methods of spiritual healing. Justice is a Chakra Master, specializing in the heart Chakra. She helps people to release the pain of the past, in order to open the path of the future. If you are at a stand still and are ready to break the pattern of failing disappointment let Justice help you. She can assist you to transform your present condition of life into a fulfilling future, containing love, purpose, and passion.