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Kaitlyn Keyt

Find your Natural Solutions for a Modern World! Kaitlyn Keyt is an 11 time visionary awarded inventor, speaker and founder of 'VibesUP' -Vibrational Therapy education and tools. Kaitlyn, known as an intuitive scientist, studies Nature for the answers to life's BIG questions, bringing common sense understandings we can apply to our everyday lives.

Time will FLY as you listen to her 'edge of your seat' learning journey. VIBRATIONS are everything Once we understand them we can unlock the mysteries both of the world around us and the world within us.

It's TIME to shift from running on 4% to our full SUPER HUMAN 100%. The Simple answer is it takes ENERGY to run our full being. The planets vibration is raising, creating energy that helps awaken humans like popcorn in a pan. Awakening to our true authentic, brilliant, talented & psychic selves. There are many things we can do to increase our Vibrations, both from within and without, including our environment and 'what' and 'who' we surround ourselves with.



Vibrational Therapy with Kaitleyn Keyt