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Guest Profile

Kane Shieh

Out in middle of the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles away from the nearest body of land and on his first vacation of his entire career, Kane Shieh decided it was time to quit… 

That is was time to leave his skyrocketing career in capital markets trading and investing between 50 and 200 Billion dollars per day – 2/3 of the entire world’s daily GDP! – and go back to his childhood passions of qigong and energy work. 

What he did not realize was that an intense spiritual journey lay ahead of him that would take him from comfortable and sitting on top of vast savings, to broke, massively in debt, and eating out of emergency earthquake supplies. 

And to spiritually, emotionally, and materially abundant again. 

As a firm believer that our experiences direct us towards our Purpose in life, Kane realized that he needed to focus not just on energy and spirituality, but specifically on the energy of money and helping people attune with it.