Guest Profile

Karen Anderson

Karen has always loved animals. When she was young she would spend the day with all her animal friends sharing all of her hopes and dreams with them. She had the ability to understand what the animals were thinking and feeling back then and thought everyone could do so. She was able to sense their happiness, sadness and sometimes even their pain. She felt a kinship with all animals, nature and wildlife.
Many years later, after Karens communicating abilities had long-since faded, she was deep in meditation when her Spirit Guides came to her and unveiled the path she would soon take. Guidance urged her to sharpen her old skills again and to follow her path helping animals and humans understand each other. She devoted the next several years of her life communicating with the animals through meditation, prayer, practice sessions and study. She surrounded herself with the knowledge of experts and continued to sharpen her skills.
In early 2003, Karen took the leap of faith and watched as her destiny unfolded as a professional animal communicator. Since then she has communicated with thousands of animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Updated April 2021:

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator with a specialty in pet loss. Over the last 24 years, she has helped thousands of heartbroken pet parents who are struggling with the loss of a pet find peace and healing.
Karen has written two books to document her journey from deputy sheriff to pet psychic including the international #1 bestselling and award-winning, "The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side" and the bestselling, "Hear All Creatures! The Journey of an Animal Communicator". Karen has also collaborated with Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. for her book, "The Secret Inner Life of Pets" and is a co-author for "Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Vol. 2".
Karen offers an interactive mobile app called Pet Loss Hope & Healing, coaching programs for all levels of Animal Communication, and also helps entrepreneurs who want to follow their passion and launch their dream business. 
The Inland Pacific Northwest of Eastern Washington state is where Karen and her husband live on a 30-acre farm with the animals they love.