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  08/21/2014      08:00 am

The Jenn Royster Show: A Look at 12 Past Life Patterns with Karen Downing

Guest Profile

Karen Downing

Karen Downing has been teaching meditation and connecting clients with their past lives since 2007. Karen's clients come to her because they are faced with a situation in life that they cannot seem to gain a thorough understanding of. Very often, they have tried traditional therapy and other mainstream solutions, but they are unable to achieve the transformation they seek. During a past life analysis, Karen is able to assist the client in uncovering how their past life energy is affecting their life now. Even those who were unsure if they believe in past lives, have found that the way in which Karen presents the issues to be helpful in providing new insights about how to transform their life now.
Based on Karen's work, 12 past life patterns have emerged. These patterns have been further expounded upon; becoming a method for anyone to understand their emotions, behaviors, actions and even beliefs on a deeper level. There is a hidden influence that come from the patterns we bring from our past life experiences. By understanding those patterns, we gain access to new information about ourselves. Karen is not here to change anyone's belief system, but merely to provide an innovative perspective to wellness for mind, body and spirit.


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