Guest Profile

Karen Kuk-Nagle

Karen has been consciously on the spiritual path since 1979, and developed Hands of Spirit in 1990 as a vehicle to share her knowledge. Through many years of study and practice, her services have unfolded in the form of private sessions involving Crystal Healing, Energy Work, and Consciousness Development. These sessions are also assisted by custom formulated Mineral and Flower Elixirs. In 1995 Hands of Spirit began offering a world-wide selection of crystals, minerals, carvings, and jewelry to enhance others lives. The stones that Karen offers are unique, as they are all hand-selected with impeccable attention to detail and imbued with love. As the stones find their true keepers, the love and light that we all seek, consciously or not, is spreading to the world in a tangible way.

Karen has also been teaching Melodys Crystal Healing Workshops since 1997. The workshop trains students in the use of crystals and minerals for healing, growth and transformation. Everything that is taught can be used for ones own growth, as well as for clients, friends, family, pets, and the Earth. It is an excellent way to learn to use the gifts of the mineral world and connect to the healing energies of our planet.