Guest Profile

Karen Lolich

Karen Lolich is Director of Energy and Human Potential at RealLife Shift and a Certified Yuen Method Master.She shares her energy and insight with clients to improve their lives and businesses, shifting them out of their pain, stress and problems, and into who they really are, and their own infinite potential.

&8232;Karen's background includes more than 25 years of professional experience in the corporate world spanning businesses of a variety of sizes, industries and cultures.Yet, these adventures, including worldwide travel in the early days, never brought the joy and fulfillment that she yearned for.She knew there had to be more to life.&8232;Karen's explorer nature and some synchronistic experiences led her to meditation and Pilates and her "inner" adventures began.Very quickly Karen began to understand and experience the power of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and she gained the awareness that everything, everything, is energyLife finally started making sense, and opened up with renewed joy, energy and possibilityIt was five years further along this path that Karen connected with the Yuen Method.It was the tool she had been looking for, and her clients began experiencing instant results

Soon, her own life shifted in wonderful ways she couldn't have imagined. &8232;Karen founded RealLife Shift to direct others to themselves and their infinite human potential, and the joy that brings.She provides individual and group consultations, Tele-Clinics and will be doing seminars in 2014.