Guest Profile

Karen Seltz M.Ed

Karen has triumphed over depression, sex addiction, lack of self-worth, low self-confidence, and playing small by doing the deep inner work that she now shares with her clients. Her higher calling is to be a “loving interruption” to the disempowering stories, beliefs, and patterns her clients have held that have kept them stuck. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to see the hidden beauty and possibility in people and mirror it back to them. Through these insights, her clients are able to release the things that no longer serve them, accept the truth about themseves, and fully step into their power and gifts in a whole new empowered and embodied way!


Karen supports analytical, perfectionistic women in connecting to their hearts, emotions, and bodies in stepping out of their comfort zones with courage, power, and authenticity to learn to trust themselves and their intuition, and intentionally create lives filled with fun, joy, spontaneity, meaning, and contribution.


Karen has Master’s degree in Counseling, is a certified Life Coach, and a Brain Gym Consultant. Between the three, she has over 25 combined years of experience.