Guest Profile

Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels brings warmth and wisdom through her psychic work. She has an amazing ability to help people feel good about themselves and celebrate their unique expression.

Prior to discovering her gifts as an intuitive, Kari brought joy to audiences around the world as an actress. Her experiences as a performing artist were pivotal to her spiritual development; leading her on a quest to explore the depths of the human psyche, and the awesome power of the creative force that unites us all. A lifetime student of metaphysics, she draws upon a variety of modalities for a holistic vision of our spiritual journey. Her studies include numerology, astrology, energy medicine, applied kinesiology, guided imagery, transpersonal psychology, chakra balancing, and most importantly the healing power of love and compassion.

Noted for her remarkable accuracy and crystal clear communication, she imbues others with confidence, inspiration and of course...a touch of magic