Guest Profile

Karin Del Maestro

Karin Del Maestro is a Health, Transformation & Calmness Coach and has been working in the health and wellness fields for 20+ years. But, it was after her own Breast Cancer and BRCA2 diagnosis in 2018 that she realized she was uniquely qualified to support breast cancer survivors, helping them after treatment has ended, to calm their minds, get back their get-up-and-go, stop putting their needs on the back burner and feel amazing in the skin they are in…no matter how many scars they may have!

Karin specializes in working with Breast Cancer Survivors, Genetic Mutation Carriers & Healthy Lifestyle Seekers who readily focus their time and energy on their loved ones, but find it challenging to make time to take care of themselves.


Karin has been featured on CNBC, Fox4, Wink News and as a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and summits.