Guest Profile

Karla Dennis

Nationally Recognized Tax Expert, Karla Dennis, knows exactly how you can keep more of your hard earned cash. It's her job to keep up with the ever changing tax laws. It's her passion to share that knowledge with the public so that you're not handing over more of your paycheck to the government than you need to... Karla says she loves taxes. Not paying them, but figuring out ways to help clients legally pay less.

What inspired Karla to fight for the people and help them win the war with their wallets? A childhood in Compton, California where she saw the electric truck come turn people's power off more than she saw the ice cream truck. Karla wants to empower people so they can make smart decisions and get whats owed to them.

She's come a long way from the streets of Compton. Growing up in that rough and tumble neighborhood inspired her to go after her dreams and use her unique ability and aptitude for understanding complicated tax codes. As a licensed Enrolled Agent, she went through rigorous testing and approval from the U.S. Treasury Department and is now one of a select few certified to handle any tax situation in all 50 states. Today, Ms. Dennis is founder and CEO of COHESIVE, a comprehensive tax and accounting firm in Orange County, CA. 'Cohesive' has had an impressive record saving their clients more than 3 million dollars in the last 3 years alone.

A dynamic public speaker, Karla Dennis specializes in taking the fear out of finances and lends sage tax advice for keeping more of your money. Because of her savvy for making a confusing system easily understandable and surprisingly entertaining, Karla Dennis is actively sought as a tax expert by the media. She has been quoted by MSNBC, CNBC, Smart Money Magazine, Consumer Reports and the Real Wealth Network.

... Through careful planning and rigidly following the letter of the tax law, Karla will literally save us tens of thousands of dollars in taxes this year. Karla has been a tremendous help to my family in realizing the importance of pro-active tax planning. Client: David Toombs, PhD CA

This busy mom of four boys also finds time to give back to her community in various capacities including the launch of 'The Cohesive Foundation' which prides itself for expanding financial education and literacy capabilities to youth in the community. Her second book, Overtaxed Americas Tax Advocate On Everything You Must Know for 2011 is due out this March.