Guest Profile

Kate Hope

Kate Hope is a Functional Nutritionist, with a Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She is a Certified GAPS Practitioner, and she uses the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet Protocol with many of her nutrition clients.

She has been a Science Educator for almost 2 decades, teaching children as well as providing professional development for teachers.

As a Food Ambassador for Chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Network, Kate spreads the message of healthy eating to the local community.

Kate has a private practice, and sees clients in a one-on-one or group setting, as well as online, concentrating on Lyme Disease, autism, and chronic conditions. Having been a Lyme patient herself, she knows how it feels, and she works with empathy and compassion, coaching her clients using a mind/body approach.

Kate also co-chairs a support group in New Jersey, called Lyme Positive. The goal of the group is to provide positive, uplifting encouragement to those suffering with Lyme and vector-borne illness.