Guest Profile

Katelyn Edgar

Katelyn Edgar is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and the founder of the Intuitive Coaching School and the Angels of Intuition ~ Sisterhood, Mastermind, & Intuitive Coaching Certification program. She’s an Intuitive Coach & Mentor helping heart-centered women, coaches and healers to break free from fears and self-sabotage, activate their their intuitive gifts, and fully serve their Soul’s highest purpose. 


A handful of years ago Katelyn began intentionally manifesting her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology and the power of programming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a very successful business through her Intuitive Coaching School and Angels of Intuition, but also has a lifestyle she absolutely loves with the time and freedom she always desired.


Today, Katelyn takes great pleasure in passing her wisdom and knowledge onto others who also want to become powerful and confident intuitives, guides, and coaches, so they can experience profound and miraculous transformations (for themselves and their clients) and fall head over heels IN LOVE with their lives – fully living their Soul’s purpose with passion and confidence.