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Katherine Arati Maas

Katherine grew up not really understanding the world around her nor her place in it. She was sad, angry and confused and didn't really know why. She didn’t feel connected and couldn’t see the whole picture and started to abuse food and alcohol at a young age. She did not live her life in a conscious state of awareness. If you asked Katherine how she was handling things or how she was feeling, it would be like asking a fish, "how's the water?" What water?

After years of hiding and lying to herself, she made a promise to live her life completely transparently. To be totally authentic, to feel and to be present in her body which is an ongoing challenge. She realized she was spiritually bankrupt and needed to start fixing things in her life.

Yoga allows her to feel grounded in her physical body. Katherine is someone who does things quickly and has a lot of energy and through the practice of yoga she has been able to uncover and nurture positive aspects of herself and raise her awareness. Being conscious and aware is a continuous practice for Katherine.

About Coming Clean Radio
Katherine will be hosting her own show on Transformation Talk Radio: Coming Clean Radio - The Art of Transparency with Katherine Maas. Tune-in Tuesdays 9am pacific / 12pm eastern.

Coming Clean radio helps you to rid yourself of all that was covering you up, weighing you down and to finally realize your divine nature. It is the act of clarification and purification for a new understanding of self and the world around you.

Truth brings freedom and lightness, gratitude and a deep connection with the essence of life. The thing is that once you cross through, there’s no going back. Katherine will help you take that journey.

It means the end to covering up, falsehood, pretending, lying to yourself. This is the Art of Transparency and an invitation to reveal all that you are. Click here for more information about Katherine

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I offer Moving Meditation to help raise consciousness as well as seated meditation practice for both total beginners and the more experienced alike. In addition, various workshops


In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move to music created to resonate with the vibrations of each of our 7 major chakras. Curious?