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  11/15/2013      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: 'Empower Yourself to Unfold Your Deep Dreams' with Kathryn Barry Elliott and 'Awakening the Heart Through the Home With Feng Shui' with Caroline Patrick BorNei

Guest Profile

Kathryn Barry Elliott

Kathryn Barry Elliott is a writer, teacher, and energetic wisdom coach. She draws from a variety of disciplines to craft tools and experiences to connect people to their innate wisdom and deep dreams for the world. One of her main gifts is to skillfully navigate the rational and intuitive dimensions.

Kathryn received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering and then spent the next 20 years pursuing her passion for spiritual growth by delving deep into the intuitive healing arts. She is currently working on her book, Freedom to Play: Liberating Your Energetic Wisdom in Service to your Dreams, Creativity, and Wellbeing.


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