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Guest Profile

Kathryn Metcalf-Hernquist


Life loving artist and coach Kathryn Hernquist was born and raised in the Chicago area. At age 19 she relocated to California. She raised her son in Sacramento while managing a successful Real Estate business, including 7 years of being in Coldwell Banker's top 1% of realtors in Northern California. Upon becoming a "self made" Millionaire she Executed her "Retire In The Middle" plan while re-ignited her passion for living and left for world Travel. Landing years later in the San Diego area, she found a love for surfing, coaching and her beautifully full second marriage family. Kathryn's mission in coaching is to support others to live in Freedom, Joy, and Fulfillment.

I empower those in the sober community so they thrive in their business, finances, and their lives instead of just surviving.

I offer personalized one-on-one coaching because not only does everyone have their own unique circumstances but different individuals benefit from different tools and approaches to realize their goals.