Guest Profile

Kathy Koch

This holistic makeover is the culmination, and yet at the same time, the beginning of a lifetime of many holistic endeavors and spiritual pursuits. I grew up in an amazing household that hosted many different spiritual leaders from western and eastern traditions and was exposed to yoga and meditation at a young age by a mother who was one of first to teach yoga in the U.S.

Through that experience I have studied comparative religions and explored many spiritual paths and metaphysical teachings. Yet applying these holistic practices into my everyday life has not been easy to do and at times have deliberately rebelled against them. I know the ways to emotional and financial freedom, how important it is to honor and cherish your body, the need to still the mind and be centered...and I long to integrate body, mind and spirit. However, implementing these techniques and ways of being into my own life is challenging. Finding the balance between work and play, secular and spiritual, caring for others over caring for myself, has been elusive. It is time to manifest and live what I know and have learned to let go of the fear and boundaries and limitations.

This journey is an important tool and gift that will help guide and clarify my intentions. It will bring more balance, joy and love into my life and by doing so, will provide a vehicle to pay it forward in a significant and powerful way. I am grateful and I am honored to be part of this adventure