Guest Profile

Kathy Light

Kathy Light is founder and President of KathyLightInternational. Kathys personal and company mission is to inspire leaders to realize their greatness. Her work for over 15 years has centered around developing leaders, helping them grow their businesses, grow their incomes, and inspiring them to lead lives of passion and purpose.

Kathys upcoming book, Reasons Why YOU ROCK: Realize Your Greatness and Amplify Your Personal Power, is a reflection of her lifes work. It reflects the knowledge and experience she has gained helping people realize and develop their greatness, and by doing so, truly amplify their personal power and their ability to impact the lives of others.

Kathy is also an accomplished singer. A recent heart-opening moment made her keenly aware that singing needed to play a much bigger role in her life. She realized that in holding back her vocal gifts, she was not only holding herself back, but holding back on the number of people whose lives she could impact. Inspired by this realization, she created a powerful presentation which combines her gifts of singing and speaking in an entertaining and compelling message about listening to the song in your heart and letting it out for the world to hear. Entitled Releasing the Song in Your Heart, this presentation is inspiring audiences to pay attention to their deepest dreams and take action to make them come true.

Kathy lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her talented and loving husband, Roger Light, and their two awesome kids.