Guest Profile

Katie Hennessy

Kate Hennessy has many passions but the closest to her heart is the ability to connect with people who have literally been "broken" and have been able to put the pieces back together again. Through her radio show GET FOCUSED, motivational speaking and writing, Kate Hennessy offers caring support and optimism to people who have and still are, suffering over past and present situations in their life.

Her empathy comes from her own background of traumatic events. Kate has overcome life with an abusive alcoholic father, obesity and shyness as young girl, an eating disordered as a teen, cervical cancer at age 18, horrific car accident, loss of a child, cancer again, tumor removed, and then through divorce

She had constant moments of "GOD, are you kidding me?" over and over and yet continued to pick herself up and start again. It's been that battle through and her faith that people started to come to her to ask how she kept going. It was through the help of others that had faced similar battles, that she felt sharing her challenges and triumphs with others might help as she had been helped. Kate hopes to inspire audiences with some of her own stories and those of some amazing guests.