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Keith Lefkof

Keith Lefkof is a seasoned expert with over two decades of diverse experience, spanning hospitality management, event planning, corporate real estate, franchise consulting, and cruise planning.

As a franchisee of Cruise Planners, a full-service travel agency, he uses their over 30 years of award-winning history of travel service, first-in-class travel platform, and worldwide relationships to provide his clients with exceptional service, cost-savings, and the bandwidth to expertly plan events. Keith and his dream team of travel and event professionals utilize a personal touch in an innovative, collaborative, process-driven, and tech-savvy approach to memorable cruise events.

His unwavering passion lies in the art of curating exceptional and immersive experiences tailored for corporate events and luxury travelers alike. Keith's unique skill set shines in the creation of distinctive, value-packed journeys to exotic destinations, where he masterfully infuses an adventurous twist, ensuring each event becomes an indelible memory.

With an unwavering belief in the unparalleled value, captivating locales, and fresh perspectives that cruise ships offer, Keith has become a trailblazer in redefining traditional retreats and conferences.

Beyond his impressive expertise, he's currently engrossed in authoring a compelling trilogy of B2B books, centering on the world of Corporate Cruises. Anticipate forthcoming titles such as "Cruising to Success," "Cruise to Connect," and "Corporate Conferences Unleashed," promising invaluable insights for those seeking valuable knowledge and behind-the-scenes snapshots of cruise events. Keith earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University.



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