Guest Profile

Keith Singer

Keith Singer is the CEO and founder of ICMC Group, a crisis management firm that provides personal, corporate, and political crisis preparation and resolution.Keith is also a Professor of Criminal Justice at Monroe College and a retired N.Y.P.D. Commanding Officer of Transit Bureau Operations. 

Mr. Singer managed many crises over his 20 year professional career, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, hurricane Sandy, and the 2003 blackout. He has also handled several personal crises, including the birth of his twin sons born 4 months premature. This event made it clear to Keith his true life's purpose—helping others to handle crises. 

Keith’s systematic approach to solution development has led him to become an expert in crisis management. He has collaborated with various sectors to develop solutions for problems plaguing the criminal justice system. He has also helped prime ministers, CEO’s, and police chiefs across the country prepare in an event of a crisis. 

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