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Kellie Creamer

Kellie Creamer has a Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Science and a certification in Ayurvedic Medicine from Bastyr University; she also has a Masters Degree in Community Health. She is a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer; she has worked, studied and traveled throughout Africa, Asia, Central and North America. As a health professional for almost twenty years, Kellie has counseled and taught cooking, nutrition, and lifestyle wellness for schools and universities, in private homes, businesses, health clubs, hospitals, clinics, senior centers, and food banks

Kellie recently authored a book titled My Body, My Vehicle. Think of it as an atlas for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or as a guide for getting on and cruising down the highway to health. It gives simple, easy-to-follow steps for taking control of your body and steering it in the right direction. Youll learn about metabolism in a fun, easy-to-swallow, and very digestible manner. Her book offers life-changing nutrition information for every body Americans are unhealthier than ever today, despite, or perhaps because of, all the food options available. She believes that by taking a closer look at our body systems, our food supply, and the media who advertise those foods, we can make the best choices to optimize our health and well-being.