Guest Profile

Ken Foster

Kenneth D. Foster is a visionary, best-selling author, international speaker and Founder of Premier Coaching - an executive consultant, training and coaching company.

He is a master coach and an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge in creating sustainable personal and business success. For the last 16 years he has researched and developed high velocity formulas for tapping into soulful wisdom, releasing disempowering beliefs, increasing satisfaction, and multiplying personal effectiveness.

His clients range from doctors, lawyers, and PhD's to entrepreneurs and entertainers to best- selling authors and America's top speakers, to retired millionaires and executives from companies like Coldwell Banker, Bank of America, Cisco, Anthony Robbins Co., Goodwill Industries, Nikken, Nordstrom, Remax, Arbonne International, Smith Barney, House of Blues, and Arbonne International.

As a leading expert on Vision, Purpose, Focus, Balance, Communication and Wealth building, Kenneth is a sought after speaker and frequent guest on Radio, Tele-Seminar, Webinars. He is the best-selling author of "Ask and You Will Succeed", and "The Greatest Year Ever", plus a contributing author in several other books.


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