Guest Profile

Kerrie Heart

Kerrie Heart is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the raw food lifestyle with all who are pursuing optimal health and vitality. Joyfully active and organically focused for her entire adult life, she began her journey working at an organic food cooperative in 2001. Over the years, she has worked extensively in the raw food community at restaurants, as a product representative for Sacred Chocolate and Sun Warrior, and as a raw food chef at an organic permaculture farm.

A Certified Live Food Chef, Kerrie is well connected in the raw food community. She has studied many different nutritional philosophies, and uses her knowledge to make raw vegan living both accessible and sustainable to those who wish to take charge of their own personal health. She advocates for high quality, organic food choices and has given many raw food cuisine seminars in the Seattle area.

Kerrie owns Raw Vegan Source, an organic health food store in Duvall Washington. You can learn more about Kerrie at