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Guest Profile

Kerry Cadambi

Born and raised in the Pacific NW, Kerry’s journey of personal growth and transformation has been anything but straightforward. Her more traditional background and training in Business Administration and Accounting did not stop her from exploring more right-brained experiences.

Via study of metaphysical and spiritual teachings, becoming a certified Shiatsu practitioner and a Reiki Master, Kerry discovered her connection to intuition, Spirit, and energy healing abilities. It took her more than twenty years on life’s rollercoaster to discover and embrace her true calling: to guide and support remarkable women to connect with their inner guidance and intuition.

Kerry recharges by connecting with nature; whether she is in her garden, hiking, or enjoying international adventures such as walking the Camino de Santiago. At work or at play, Kerry holds the space of love and non-judgment for others. She knows that magical, unseen powers are at work in each of us.

Let her into your world and she will show you how to plant, nurture, and grow the seeds of peace, transformation, and limitless, unfolding possibilities in your life