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KiebaDawn Blacklidge

With degrees from Purdue University and The American Counsel for fitness, KiebaDawn Blacklidges career as an O.F.T. - Organic Fitness Trainer - has drawn clients from all over the USA, including professional athletes and celebrities. With bodybuilding titles such as Miss Natural California under her belt, her unique holistic health and fitness approach has been featured on BBC and the Discovery Channel. Adding to her contagious passion is her own harrowing journey from health to deterioration and back again after the overly restrictive raw vegan diet that first seemed to enhance Kiebas body, began to dissolve her muscles and disable her gallbladder, finally forcing her blood counts and liver enzymes to dangerous levels as her body began to literally digest itself for survival. Kiebas return to health is a miraculous tale you dont want to miss.

More recently, Kieba relocated to Hawaii to manifest her dream.....The BodyTemple Boot Camp.