Guest Profile

Kim Babcock

Kim Babcock is a psychic and medium who has been doing readings for 5 years. She owns a small metaphysical shop in New Concord, Ohio, called Serenity, where she offers readings, Reiki and massage. Throughout her life she says she has experienced things she couldn't explain that others don’t seem to notice. She easily recalls foretelling dreams, and has developed angelic guidance that also foresees the future. After many years, she realized that God was calling her to help people here in the physical world to receive the closure they need after the death of a loved one. Kim believes that through God, she is able to communicate with spirits that walk in the white light of the Lord. While she is rather new to the Channeling Erik blog and community, her connection to Erik has grown rapidly over the past few months. After reading Dr. Medhus’ first book My Son and the Afterlife, and the new book, My Life After Death, she has been working closely with Erik, and is honored to be a voice for him! 

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