Guest Profile

Kimberly Englot

Kimberly Englot is the president and founder of the Center
for Authentic Self Development. She teaches her clients to dump the Junk and put themselves back on top of their priority list, without feeling guilty or selfish. Author of "The Now of Happiness: Your official happiness formula" coauthor in "Success Rituals 2.0," and publisher of "Dump The Junk and Be Happy" Kimberly knows happiness. She knows what it takes to be happy NOW, AND how to create a life of your dreams.

Kimberly's personal and profession mantras: "Everything I do, say and think is creating who I am." and "Happiness is easy, it flows from who I am within." She lives in Western Canada with her husband, Chris and fur babies: Nixie and Maxx.

Learn more about Kimberly and her vision for The Center of Authentic Self Development at and learn more about her book, The Now of Happiness at