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Guest Profile

Krista Kilbane

Krista Kilbane is a licensed psychotherapist with an emphasis on holistic healing.  Her approach focuses on the mind, body and spirit, which can differ from traditional psychotherapy. Krista graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with her Master’s Degree in Social Work  in 1996 and went on to earn her Clinical Social Work license in 2005.  In 2010 she completed her teacher’s certification in Special Education.

Trained as a Cognitive Behavioral clinician, she realized early on that she needed to add a somatic modality to her practice.  In 2015 she became an EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, “Tapping” clinician and in 2017 a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.  These techniques are essential in clearing stuck energy from the body.

Krista's practice offers clients a 3 step process in order to live their best life!  This process is called Divine Alignment. Divine Alignment is comprised of tools tailored to each individual client, helping them clear their limiting beliefs, the story, so that they can connect to their internal truth.  In doing so, clients align with the co-creator within and begin to create the life they have always desired. Divine Alignment is about living in love instead of fear. Krista offers individual healing sessions in person or via Skype. 



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