Guest Profile

Kriste SoulLion

Kriste’s coaching merges a trinity of subjects that inspires our Soul Self BEing into movement with the Flow of Life

• Consciousness ~ BEing (ZeroPoint, Source, I AM)

• Soul Expression ~ Becoming (tuning, moving, creating Self)

• HUman Adventure ~ Experiencing (interacting, appreciating, cocreating)


It’s time to BE ALL-IN as a Quantum Creator-Adventurer of HUman experience in Love with Life emerging on Earth Now!


Kriste works with those who have completed significant Self transformation work and are ready transition from working/fixing/healing to becoming the Artist of their Life: exploring, clarifying and utilizing what is in their unique Divine Ability wheelhouse, ready to:

• Expand from embodied inner work to inspired Self expression

• Interact with Life fully as the ultimate adventure

• BE a Conduit of Love where Self & Service are unified; flowing with the balance & momentum of receiving & giving

• Easily calibrate their Inner Guidance System from an evolving personal Zero Point • Enjoy the energetic physicality of BEing HUman, tuning and harmonizing our amazing senses

• Experience body movement as intuitive, joyful, powerful, delicious, practical, able and natural; dancing with Spirit

• Personalize and simplify quantum choice strategies as a Divine HUman creator; focal points of focus replaces goals; commanding our attention to choose from infinite possibility

• Reside and create within the flow of Now; past done, ease with the unknown how & when; time is now Divine Timing

• Curate and enjoy personal environment which is an extension of Self; to be the Life Artist of one’s home as personal paradise; prepare and eat inspired cuisine

• Experience Intimate Soul Unification/Partnership as a HUman; mastering the interplay between Sovereignty and ultimate cocreating from unconditional Love and non-local entanglement; experience transcendent amplification of energy, emotion and sensation

• Organically flow with multidimensional consciousness as a tangible, fun, multi-layered HUman experience

• Normalize HUman Life piloted by Spirit


Our purpose is to BE a clear conduit of Consciousness, flowing Love, radiating Light, creating Life. This is the era of Empowered Sovereignty and Creatorship. We choose our intention that activates light codes within ourselves. It is time for Us to use our creative imagination, Divine Genius and core abilities that have been honed through several lifetimes... and enjoy very moment of our experience!