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Kristi Pederson

Kristi Pederson

Her Extraordinary

Kristi Pederson is an internationally known psychic medium, author, and public speaker who specializes in helping people discover who they are so they can stand in their own power and live the life their soul intended them to live. 

Her first book was published in 2010 and titled An Extraordinary Life. Another major step in healing was to write and publish her second book in 2019 titled We Are Not Alone…my extraterrestrial contact. Shortly after her book was released, she was contacted by a film company proposing a documentary about her experiences with alien contact. Filming was completed in 2021 and should be ready for release late summer 2022. 

While in sessions with clients, Kristi noticed a pattern. More and more people were having paranormal experiences and didn’t know what to do with what was happening to them. Those experiences included alien contact, contact with deceased loved ones, or psychic predictions. Mostly clients were just tired of living a life they thought others expected them to live.  They were ready for change in their lives but didn’t know how to make those changes or even what those changes might be. This prompted the writing of her third book Between Earth and Heaven…a beginner’s guide to living a spiritual life.

Kristi compassionately works with individuals to help them understand how they got to where they are today and how to make permanent, healthy, and happy changes in their lives and have the courage to step into the power that is theirs waiting to be claimed. She is the Mufon contact person for the state of Nebraska to help those who have had alien contact and have no one to talk to. She provides clarity, comfort, and understanding for their individual healing. 

She has been featured on several podcasts including Meeting the Masters out of Sedona, AZ, Follow the Woo out of Los Angeles, CA, Bloop out of Omaha, NE, and Breathe Love and Light out of CT.  She has been speaking publicly for more than 30 years. To book Kristi as a speaker for your event go to website.