Guest Profile

Kristi Pederson

Kristi Pederson


Kristi is the subject of a documentary titled We Are Not Alone which premiered January 2023. The

documentary is based on her book We Are Not Alone…my extraterrestrial contact where she details her

life as an ET experiencer from the age of five.

She is a psychic medium and the author of four books: An Extraordinary Life, We Are Not Alone…my

extraterrestrial contact, Between Earth and Heaven… a beginner’s guide to living a spiritual life, and

Messages from Ramadear…a collective hope for humanity.

Kristi can also be heard on many podcasts and radio programs such as: Sedona Soul Adventures Meeting

the Masters, So Strange with Andy Myers, Follow the Woo, A World Awakening with Andrea Perron,

Starseed Awakening with Meisha Johnston, and many more.

She is also the contact person for Mufon and the state of Nebraska for others who have had