Guest Profile

Kristy Knight

Kristy Knight is a TV host, actress, recording artist, songwriter, and healer. She is a Reiki Master, Master Rapid Eye Technician MRET, and life coach. She also teaches seminars on the Language of the Body about what the organs and glands teach us about our emotions with her husband Dean G. Allen, PhD.

Before her life changed dramatically through a 'peak experience,' Kristy had an international singing career as a songwriter and recording artist with 17 CD's and an award winning radio show. She was Fox TV's 'first call' voice over specialist for 15 years at the same time producing and directing commercials. She was a professional actress and TV host of "At Your Leisure," "Health Pulse," and "BoatWorld, USA" as well as a Trainer for the Great Life Foundation.

Healing is all about clearing blocked circuitry in the spiritual, mental, emotional as well as the physical body so Spirit Life-force energy can flow. She has found that the subtle energies are the most powerful arena for healing work.

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