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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards

Born in Hollywood, California, Kyle Richards has appeared on screen since she was four years old, in beloved series like Little House on the Prairie, Beverly Hills 90210, and ER. In October 2010, she became one of the original cast members of Bravos hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She lives in Beverly Hills with her husband and four daughters.

Kyle's new book, "Life Is Not A Reality Show: Keeping It Real With The Housewife Who Does It All," is available in stores now.

Description from the book:
In the wild world of Beverly Hills, high-priced glam squads, flashy cars, and off-the-charts drama are the norm. Enter Kyle Richards: born and raised in the nations most dazzling neighborhood, shes practically royalty in the 90210 zip code. And yet her loving family life, lack of pretention no nannies, stylists, or personal chefs for this diva, and 'girls' girl' attitude make her a breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now, she's revealing how she achieves that perfect mix of celebrity and normality. In this collection of the best tips, advice, and strategies she knows, Kyle's talking friend to friend so you can create that blend of glitz and know-how in your own life.


Kyle's a hands-on parent who shares how she's raising her four daughters to be self-sufficient, compassionate, andabove allnot spoiled. Kyle grew up in a family of all women with her extraordinary mother teaching all the children her unique take on life.


Being married to Mauricio, a devoted husband and wonderful father, Kyle is often asked what makes a happy and lasting marriage. She shares all of her best advice for keeping a marriage strong and, for single women, how to find the perfect partner.


Would you believe those famously luscious locks are courtesy of drugstore shampoo? Turns out Beverly Hills style doesnt have to cost a fortune


Kyle's beauty routine is practical and never too trendy. She shares her secrets for choosing the best lip glosses, blushes, creams, and cleansers, and explains how you can look gorgeous even if you're on a budget. Her tips on applying glam-inducing false eyelashes alone are a must read.


After years of soirees fit for the Hollywood elite, Kyle knows what it takes to throw a party your friends will talk about for years...without breaking the bank.

Childhood memories, tales from behind the scenes of The Real Housewives, warm and hilarious family storiesKyle's sharing all.


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