Guest Profile

Lamin Jatta

Lamin Jatta is 9 generation descendant of Kunta Kinteh and the president of Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation. A Gambian native who wrote "Kunta Kinteh Short Stories by His African Descendants." He's a public speaker and working to keep the legacy of Kunta Kinteh alive through the Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation.

The Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation founded in 2013, launched by direct descendants and friends, was established to preserve the legacy of Kunta Kinteh and those who were among the 98 slaves who arrived on the shores of Annapolis, Maryland on the slave ship Lord Lignoier in 1767. The foundation develops historical programs to preserve the legacy and history. The foundation also supports initiatives to provide clean drinking water, educational programming and the development of a health center for the people of Juffureh Island, the origin of Kunta Kinteh.