Guest Profile

Laura Taylor-Jensen

Laura Taylor-Jensen BA, MAC, AHLB, has over 28 years of teaching, guiding and inspiring individuals to achieve their highest potential through clearing the barriers of their Karmic Fate within the Unified field of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Laura has completed two college degrees entitled The Whole Person Healing Process Body, Mind, Spirit, and Spiritual Science The Unified field of the Human Soul, and has spent the past 20 years learning the ancient spiritual practices of indigenous peoples of our world.

Laura brings to every event she participates in, her unleashed magnetism, Life Force and profound wisdom. Laura has been honored with titles such as: One of the most insightful Spiritual Philosophical Scientist of our time, and One of the most exciting speakers to experience. Laura inherited the Educational Estate and Lightbearers Organization of the Teacher Of The Teachers, the Baron Eugene Fersen. She now sits in the seat of Inspiration as the Acting Head Lightbearer of the New Lightbearers Organization and dedicates her life to bringing the deeper mysteries and authentic teachings of the Science Of Being to the World.

Lauras success as an inspirational teacher comes from her ability to teach with the power of a Warrior and Love with the compassion of a Sage. When the highest aspects of the Sage and Warrior walk in unison, powerful vibrational forces are invoked; Hope and Faith merge as one and the forces that govern the Universe are then activated to align and bring about everlasting change to all that contains Soul.