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Guest Profile

Laurie Comeau

Laurie Comeau had a calling to help others. She worked as a respiratory therapist in Texas, then found her passion in clinical research. Laurie had always been drawn to animals and found her soulmate in Apollo, a blind Olde English Sheepdog, who would become the catalyst that would change her life forever. 


After years of struggling with various illnesses and researching every avenue for a solution, Laurie considered energy healing and spirituality. It was only when she gave reiki a try that she began healing her physical, emotional, and spiritual self. 


Laurie is a Master Reiki Instructor and practitioner providing the gift of reiki to both humans and animals. It is her soul mission and a joy to share this special healing energy with others. Laurie resides in Lynnwood, Washington with her puppy, Zoey, who benefits from evening reiki sessions, falling into a blissful sleep. Laurie is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and adheres to its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.