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  02/17/2017      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Gina Salá shares Powerful Pleasure of Song, Chant and Tantric Mantra and Laurie McCammon on being Enough!

Guest Profile

Laurie McCammon

Laurie McCammon is the author of Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word. She is a teacher and blogger who covers topics such as the divine feminine, indigenous wisdom, conscious empowerment, evolutionary biology and heart-led leadership. She has been instrumental in establishing a number of consciousness-raising organizations including the Women’s Institute of Maine, Imagine the Good Foundation and the World Institute of Social Architecture.

Laurie has presented the Enough Message at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2013 and 2014 and will be the opening keynote for the 25th Women of Wisdom Conference, which theme this year is "Remember Who You Are - Honoring Ourselves, We Heal the World." Laurie will be speaking on the evening of Friday, February 17th about the Transformational Power of Enough and will hold a day long workshop on Saturday the 18th that will be a deep, experiential dive into the true essence of self. Her workshop will guide participants through the transformational steps of shifting our stories from that of "I am not enough" and "I don't have enough" to "I am enough" and "I have enough."

More About Laurie
After earning a B.A. in biology, Laurie McCammon went on to earn an M.S. in Adult Education, with a concentration on Transformational Learning and Feminine Leadership. In her twenties she presented at the Creative Problem Solving Institute and the International Conference on Volunteer Administration. Laurie briefly served as the editor and wrote scholarly articles for The International Journal of Volunteer Administration and her articles have been published online by Soulful Living Magazine and Kosmos Journal.

After serving as the Training Director for a regional organization serving women and girls for seven years, she founded the Women's Institute of Maine , a circle-based women's organization, worked as adjunct faculty for the University of Southern Maine's Graduate School for Human Development and later served as Executive Director for two consciousness-raising organizations, including Imagine the Good Foundation which was co-founded with filmmaker Cheryl Gould, producer of The Heart to Lead documentary film featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard . Laurie has facilitated many circles and workshops over the years and presented the Enough Message at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2013 and 2014.


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