The Power of Inspiration & Awakening Radio with Julia Griffin: Master a Higher Frequency for a New State of Mind: Donna Fairhurst and Transitions of this Time

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Laurie Wilkinson

Laurie Wilkinson

I want to Share, Heal, Awaken, Explore, and discover my Bliss. I am so looking forward to all the attention and hard work ahead of me, but at the same time so thankful that now it is my time. My time to start budding into the beautiful flower I know I am and can become. Spending 27 years caring for the elderly, disabled, mentally challenged. It's my time to bloom. I have lots of hopes and dreams for myself but also to share and give to all of you my so many gifts and talents I know I have but have stayed hidden for so many years deep within.

My biggest challenge is my weight. I am hoping to succeed with breaking the sugar and carb habit that so many of us have and be free once and for all. The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


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