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Leana has been extreemly blissed to communicate with the Higher Realms and her Divine Essence since she was a little girl.  She came in with an incredible knowledge base of mechanics and electronics, which is why she became an Engineer/ Scientist. 

This prepared her with exceptional information and truths that have been kept hidden from us.  This awakened her rememberance of Quantum Knowingness, enabling unbelievable insight to the Higher Realms and how she would assist Mankind to regain it's Divine Dominion.

For all those seeking to find the Divine Message within them, Leana brings the rays of light to you in a way that awakens you to your Divine Slef.

Leana is a beacon of light that awakens a desire within you to remember who YOU truly are, the Divine Creator within You.  She delivers a message that re-introduces you to the Blueprint and Word of Divine Dominion.  She is dedicated to assisting others in recovering their Divine Truth, Divine Power and Divie Freedom, so one can claim their Divine Righteousness as given to you by the One True Divine Creator.

So step into your own Divine Power, Live your Divine Passion and Obtain your Divine Freedom!!!  It is TIME to Remember!

Leana also has a Telegram channel - PowerPassionFreedom, as well as a Rumble Channel - PowerPassionFreedom